Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Booster. Books That Inspire Me :)


Hello again. Thank you for reading. Nearly 3 weeks that we left year 2010. How about your wish lists? Have you accomplished any one of them? Or you are out of determination to do your whatsoever your lists. Well, normal right for us as human to be tired, bored or under motivated to do. Like when we hungry, we need food to avoid starvation and stay energy and healthy. When we tired, we need rest or nap or enough sleep.

I, as like other people need a boost for my soul and to motivate me and also stay happy, positive. So what do you do if you in my place need for soul-booster?  I like to read motivational books. Well, if you want to know, I recommend books like 'La Tahzan' and 'Law of Attractions'. I got to know these books when I saw these on my sister's book shelf about 5 years ago. I was curious so I read and they uplifting my soul. After that, I decided to buy myself these books for my own collection. They have never failed to give me boost that I need (they never bored you and each time you read you get something new and excite you again). For 'La Tahzan' book, I bought 3 mini books volume 1 to 3. I bring one of them in my handbag to wherever I go even for traveling, visiting relatives' houses for raya to kill my time. Even I go for shopping, I bring that book!
One Of My Favourite Books: La Tahzan

So again, what do you do when you are gloomy and unmotivated?

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