Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who Will Win The Top Chef Just Desserts?

Assalamualaikum, hi readers.

I'd just watched the Top Chef Just Desserts at and the show will end next week. There will be 3 finalists who will compete to get the title of the Top Chef Just Desserts. The three finalists are Morgan Wilson, Yigit Pura and Danielle Keene. Who do you think will win? Let's look at their strength and weakness.

Morgan Wilson

I think Morgan is the strongest among others. He has proved by winning so many 'Quickfire Challenge' and also the 'Elimination Challenge". I shall say he is indeed a consistent chef with his performance, always come strong and bold with his pertinence skills to show. Even though at this 'Elimination Challenge', some judges said that he played safe with the anniversary cake: the three-tier white cake (clich) with ALSO white small icing flowers surrounding every tier of cake and the top of the cake is the grand black piano, I think he was smart to do that decision. He thought  thoroughly about the client when he made that cake. Sometimes, you have to put away your over sophisticated decorations to suit the occasions and the clients. Most of the competitors do not like him because his over confident and lack of emotions that show in his face. They think he is cocky. Yes, sometimes I hate him because his personality who likes to put revenge (or sabotage?) to others.

Yigit Pura

Through the competitions, he showed us various and complicated techniques in making desserts. Sometimes when you use so many techniques in a dessert, you suffer in execution and lack of focus and also the contradiction of tastes! That's what happened in this week's challenges, he suffered from flaky cake and confusion taste of his cake. Not to mention in the 'Quickfire Challenge', he failed to do the fourth signature chocolate for Godiva. Over ambitious to do every of four chocolates made him suffered to execute properly for the fourth one. Overall, I think he can still grab the title of  the Top Chef if he mend his previous mistakes and focus,think properly what he want in time constraint given. Hehe, personally I think he is kind and never say nasty things about others.

Danielle Keene

As she claimed she was an underdog contestant. Yes, at the beginning, she was frequently in the middle, at the bottom or at the top 3 but seldom won. Toward the finale, she becomes strong and progressing contestant. Others can see her as their threat. This week, she won the 'Elimination Challenge' and became the first one to enter the finale. If she continued her creative and stay true to herself, do the best she can do, think her concepts properly with no mistakes in execution, she can be the winner of  the Top Chef Just Desserts. Contrast to Morgan's personality, Danielle shows her expressiveness motion for every moment.

So who do you think will win the Top Chef? Please vote for your favourite chef who will win at the right hand of this entry. Hihi, thank you.

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