Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Words Wednesday: Munching Time

Open your eyes
Open your soul
Looking everything with perspectives

You can choose
Who said that you can't choose?
Don't limit yourself

Choose to be strong
Choose to be wise
Choose to be a better person
Choose to do good deeds
Choose to be a jolly camper
Smile smile

Everybody has personality
You too right?
Be yourself 
And you'll shine

P.S: Good morning readers.


abghani said...

pagi nie baru dpt baca blog

NA said...

@Abghani: Take your time to read my posts. Bro, you busy beforehand?

Niena Muhammad said...

buka mata kta :)

NA said...

@Niena: Don't forget opening you heart also :)

yusuflaili(Goku) said...

aku gembira jadi diri sendiri..

maszull said...

salam wina...betul tu buka mata buka mind jadi diri kita sendiri...:)

NA said...

@Yusuf: Happy with yourself :)

@Shalina: Welcome here :)

NA said...

@Mama Maszull: Salam mama...Haah kadang-kadang orang nak jadi orang lain.

Anonymous said...

yeah we have a choice to choose (cehh macam betul je kan ayat tu)

akak, tu kebun dekat rumah akak ka?

NA said...

@Fatyn: Kebun tu takde dekat. Kat kampung N9

SoLy SoLicious said...

i'll choose to be happiest person all time :)

NA said...

@Soly: Yes, let's be happy

Unknown said...

today dah tak leh smile kat office =,="

penat giler. hmm

NA said...

@Schaze: Samalah kepenatan, baru bangun balik tidur :)