Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nothing Much To Write: Adiva's Progress


Today I broke my fast alone (again?) Mum and Dad are away picking my younger sister at airport. I don't want to follow even though I miss my niece, Adiva a lot. Well, I reassure myself that I can play with her when she is coming here. Besides, she is active and energetic, I think I need a lot strength to entertain and supervise that little toddler. Forget to mention Adiva's progress, she can stand up while grab chairs or tables. She likes to walk around  (bertawaf  keliling) exploring every inches of spaces. She has never felt tired but I am! Tired of looking and controlling her moves. When she has opportunity, she will climb the stairs happily but she makes sure somebody will follow her. Small girl like to be escorted!!

That's all my rambling thought today. See you all again in the next post.

As usual the old picture when she was 7 months. 


aamalinaazman said...

so cuteeee la!
for the 1st time i read it
alllll in english!

akak journalist eh?

NA said...

@Mimito: Ek tak bukan. Orang biasa-biasa jer :)

maszull said...

salam wina...wah so cute die...

p/s mcm ni biasa2 jer ke...:)

NA said...

@Mama Maszull: Suka mata dia besar. Mama saya nak tutup blog. Nanti saya lawat mama kemudian :)

zareliqa afiqa said...

wow..hebak2.entry in english tu.terer lar akak speaking.hehe,

Shomey baby tu.Geram tgk pipi dye..tembam.hihi ^^

NA said...

@Iqa: Tulis tu ok tapi cakap tu gagap skit :)