Monday, December 20, 2010

Wonder World


I love to travel to see other countries. Recently. pieces of my heart left in Gold Coast,Wanaka,Christchurch and Otago. The places I went were scenic like beautiful picturesque. The places were exactly what I imagined. Good things about traveling these places, they give you a good vibe, happy mood. Don't you agree?
My mind is still wandering there. In the meantime, my mind is still full of memories. Will tell you all later from time to time, a bit by bit the places I went there, hopefully. I managed to snap many photos but the problem now is I am too lazy uploading pictures. Bear with me ok. I guess I am in the mood of mesmerizing. Hehe. 

In honoring the tour, I googled the globe map like so you know I have my dream to travel to other places. Indeed, I pictured myself do what I want at that places I imagine. I am a dreamer, I love to imagine what I do and where I do certain things. Alhamdulillah, what  I imagined was comparatively same or better sometimes as what I went through and things I imagined were good. I hope you like to see the globe map as I do.Definitely, a picture worth thousand words. You have to feel to believe it *winks*

 Until then, I hope you are happy in what you are doing now. *me grins wider :D*

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