Sunday, May 15, 2011

History: How I Get Involved Into Blogging World?


I woke up with dizziness after having a weird dream. Surrounding with foods like sugarcane water, roast chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes but I could not eat as I reached at a particular foods someone took them(or maybe disappear) Well forget about my weird dream, how are you today?

Actually, I want to write about how and when I involved in blogging. One day in 2005 I saw my sister's blog for the first time when I used her personal computer. I think that was my first time reading a blog. At that time I knew nothing about blogs. I did not know how to create, how I fascinated the layout that my sister put and the layout at that time I think it was complicated to create yourself. Later I knew you could drag the tools/widgets or put the code in your html and the widget was there.

From time to time, I was adding my discovery like baby who learn new things everyday. I saw someone commented my sister's entry. I click the commentator's link and popped out the new page with that commentator's blog. Shifted to read her blog. My reading blog was growing. Bloghopping and going back to my sister blog. Sometimes I was lost from where I hopped.

When I created Friendster, I saw Friendster provided users to blog. I said to myself, "why not I try this, it's look fun." There was my beginning of writing my own blog. Of course I could not put the third-party tools to my FS blog. Anything I put could not be detected.

At the beginning, I rarely write in my blog. I write when I want to venture or rant about someone or something. I concentrated more on chatting in kc room. Gradually you can see now how often I write in my blog.

29 Oct 2010, I created another blog with my higher curiosity I want to kill: to put widgets I want successfully. Now I know. Sadly to say my sister has stopped writing her blog. It is a lost for her. Sometimes I wonder why she stop blogging as I see her bloggers friends are still active and among them are well-known blogger with high paid traffic.

That's how I start writing my blog. See you all again.Happy weekend.

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