Thursday, January 20, 2011

To My Future Mirror

Have I told you
My dreams
You know what I want
Like metal detector that can detect precious metal
You are brave and knowing what I want you to do
Parallel with my unspoken voice
You are my hero.

Receiving who I am
Polish my capability
You bring best of me
The path is long ahead
We walk side by side very calm and wise
Welcome my future mirror
We connect so well.

You understand me
I feel so good
Smiley eyes with sincere heart
I can feel that
You don't have to voice them to tell me
Reading your expressions are enough
Welcome my future mirror.

1 comment:

damha said...

apa yg tergambar dicermin....
adalah cerminan diri kita sendiri....
cantik atau hodoh itulah hakikatnya...
terima seadanya kurniaan ilahi...
drp pandangan mata hati...
tergambar perasaan....
pada raut wajah kita...