Wednesday, January 26, 2011


(this is a short entry)

I laughed when watching 'Chibi Maruko' animated. It turned out Chibi is a Capricorn like me! No wonder I can see some traits of me in Chibi like very imiginative (kuat berangan), clumsy sometimes and very opinionated. It was fun to see your personality to others and know the impact to surroundings whether good or bad.

I also laughed when getting e-mail from someone who said I gave her subliminal message. What a shock, she mentioned that particular day I called her help without my concern. Well maybe yes or not because at that day, I did listen my subliminal message in my walk-man when I want to sleep.

That's all. Thank you for reading.


harimaukumbang said...

u remind me of nobita from doraemon because as a child im always being involve in accident like jatuh longkang and etc..
nowadays ive watched spongebob and laugh so much because the superbodoh he show to everyone, because sometimes ive act like one(not always ok) he he
even in the midnight, i like to watched flapjack and sometimes sing it its songs because its so cute, and very friendly and the courage they do just to get 'pengembaraan' even it does not really matter at all as long as they get some fun
we should learn a lot from this characters and live a life to the fullest emmmmmm...

NA said...

Ye kartun memang banyak yang menarik dan memberi pengajaran.
Oh, ada orang pernah cakap saya punya suara macam doraemon. Haha. Ala best ape jadi karakter kartun :)
Tenang selalu

NA said...

Baca ni balik. Tak ingat minta tolong apa.