Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wish To Know Your Name

I was trembling inside out waiting my turn for riding almost eternity

Suddenly my fear was broken with your manly voice

Trying to calm me down with your tranquility face

Abide me to stay for riding

You caught me looking secretly at you

Offering your sincere smile definitely melt my nervous

It was a shame I did not ask your name instead I looked away from you

I wish I had a nerve to be casual beside you

Your gesture made my heart pounding hardly

Talking with you might be awesome because you are a brilliant guy

I seem can not forget you until right now

When I watched the Leap Year movie

Listening You Got Me song again and again

My mind  scattered on you

That song liked our story

What I felt about you

I can not rid you from my mind

1 comment:

Cuya said...

wah..mcm puisi cinta...pandai awk tulis